You cannot make a wonderful meal out of not so great ingredients. You certainly cannot make great wine with fruit that is less than exceptional. The grapes used in  our wines are not only of exceptional  quality..they are farmed to meet stringent standards without compromise. Letting the vine, the  grapes, the canopies ,  and the  clusters  excel in the vineyard is the primary focus. The vineyard is truly where the physical  process starts and you put your money where your mouth is.
Picking at the proper time is the most important single event decision we make. Timing is everything and we know what we are doing here.
The process after harvest is unique and the easiest way to discern yourself from those that are not as serious as you are.
We secondary sort (very expensive) by machine and hand so that there are no leaves, no jacks, no stems and no raisans....leaving only clean whole berries.
We cold soak for  an extended period without rushing primary fermentation and use only the absolute best barrels this world can offer.

And of course this shows in the bottle !


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