A passion becoming reality takes time, persistence, patience, faith, desire, and fearlessness. The Valley Legend wine project is the direct result of a constant dream to make a wine without compromise. To focus on the true fundamentals of winemaking and combine them with world class winemakers, the benefits of modern technology and technique and an undying respect for history.
Our philosophy is to allow the uncorrupted aspect of the process to flourish and accentuate its being rather than become the sum of its own medium.
Living in the Napa Valley allows us access to all the important things one needs to make the best wine possible. The fruit, the winery, the winemaker, the barrels, the glass and the cork all reflect the best of what is available so that this wine can make its mark in history....tell its story....become Legend.

We must always remember that wine is more than just a beverage. Wine tells a story. Each and every bottle telling a variation of the entire story and adding its own interpretation of those events. This wine tells a story of the people involved, the work and integrity involved, the compassion and love of the process and most importantly the commitment to the end result..............passion in a bottle.

No grand art collection, no giant estate with water fountains and concerts, no private plane or any other side shows. Just the wine. 100% focus on making the absolute best bottle of wine possible.

This is the Valley Legend.




Our goal is to produce world class Cabernet Sauvignon from the Napa Valley. We are not going to make only one great wine. Eventually we are going to make three unique and distinct wines. Each made in the same style but with two very important differences....the grapes and the appellation. Each wine will represent its region, its history, its roots....its story.

We will release our two 2014 wines with the other being from the great area and appellation of St.Helena, Napa Valley. As well our 2014 final blends have been completed and they are outstanding....best yet !

In 2017 we will have all three wines available. Again, all Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignons with the third coming from Soda Canyon.
Imagine this: tasting three wonderful wines from the same vintage, made the same way...allowing the fruit, the pedigree and the appellation to define itself....write its own story.

"En Vino Veritas"...Latin for "in wine there is truth". There are no other words that describe our mission better. Our wines will tell a story, a tale, a Legend of the truth. The truth about all those things that define us  and define the wine we are making.

The bottle is our story and the story told will be of its uncompromised, uncorrupted and unparalleled cycle of creation..... the Legend begins.
We are celebrating 46 years in the wine business in the Napa Valley !

“There are no standards of taste in wine … Each man's own taste is the standard, and a
majority vote cannot decide for him or in any slightest degree affect the supremacy of his own standard.”
— Mark Twain

"Drink wine for what it is. Not for what it is not "---GL


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